BB 30

Beach Body In 30 Days


Beach Body 30 is our response to participants who want 1 on 1 results in a group format. The program resets every 30 days, is packed with high intensity exercises geared to push your body to its threshold and completed in a judgement free environment. With BB30 it’s time to shred the fat and tone and sculpt your entire body! Classes based on intensity: Springboard - (Low Level) Boot Camp (Middle-Intermediate Level) BB30 (High/Advanced Level) - we can progress you too the BB30 level, once we assess you we will tell you which program best suits your needs! This program includes:
  • 3 morning and 3 evening classes weekly
  • Ab/Cardio classes
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • Weekly Measurements & Before/After Pictures
  • Goal Maintenance/Nutrition Support
* Limited space available so reserve your spot now! Call 407-272-0238, reach your goal in as little as 3 months!  Monthly $120