Boot Camp

It's hard doing it on your own, we at Xtreme Fitness have created a culture of motivation! We motivate you into KNOWING HOW TO GET FIT FOR LIFE and help you maintain your progress. We track your progress by measurements and before and after pictures while participating in bootcamp. Our convenient schedule of morning and after work classes help to ensure you can fit us in your daily routine. We suggest you attend class a minimum of three days per week, although you can participate as much as you want; participation is unlimited! Boot Camp starts, with a free consultation and movement based assessment that identifies your fitness level and helps your trainer configure a program detailed to your fitness goal. From there your trainer sets a schedule for you based on your goals, your schedule will include:
  • A personalized cardio program/schedule
  • A personalized nutrition plan
  • The days you should complete boot camp

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Online Training

Online Training


  • Movement Based Assessment
  • Weight loss/Goal Analysis and Consultation

Scheduling & Measurements

  • Collection of your measurements and weight
  • Scheduling your boot camp classes based on schedule

Boot Camp/Cardio/Nutrition

  • GUARANTEE 5lbs and or 5 inches weekly
  • Catapult you into weight loss, drastic loss of inches
  • Increase of overall health

Maintenance Program

  • Creation of program geared to help you maintain your progress

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